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Angelic Harp Energy Clearing

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Divine Essence Ointment or Spritzer

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Welcome sweet dear one!

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Hello, I am Lori Kathrine, my spirit name is Golden Feather and I am an Intuitive Arts Guide. At a young age I valued the imagination, and relationships with many people from all walks of life.  I care deeply and have developed a sense of knowing by these experiences that seem to offer peace to others, I have found this to be my largest gift! 

I truly enjoy guiding others through a series of modalities that help release many traumas and slowly transmute chronic pain. 

From childhood neglect, to a 120 mile head on collision at age 20, the passing of my mother when I was 32, I was destroyed on so many levels that praying and researching my way to a blessed life was the only thing keeping me from becoming a lifetime Addict.

I have a great story, one with many synchronized events, one after another blessed me to where I sit today! Today I get to share my gifts and give joy to those who are guided to me. 

I am now a facilitator of encouragement and support that helps others find their way to their own personal strength and power!

Sometimes it's just a simple affirmative prayer that helps some release fear that causes pain from a life situation.

I practice listening and offer suggestions as they come to me. I have been through church, AA, NA, Domestic Violence and hours of online courses to break ongoing habits or patterns.

God's work is genius, for my strength through the darkest of times gave me so much light for those in need to see their way out! 

I recently married my dream guy Demetrios (Demi)  at 49, my first marriage! 

So here I am, filling my Dharma with my creative ways, introducing the love of guidance through the holy Spirit, with Jesus sweet protection, I use Oracle Cards as a medium for guidance and then Intuitively am guided to make a roll on ointment or spray that comes with a positive Affirmation that you say when you breathe it all in, starting the process of changing patterns in self sabotaging behavior, by eradicating subconscious thoughts with the power of Therapeutic grade Essential Oils through our olfactory gland. 

Plus added bonus is that you get to smell good while boosting your immune system as it helps us on a molecular level!

Just amazing!

Who do you know that can benefit from this? 

I'm excited to be of help as so others can become that help too! 

Recovering from old unhealthy behavior is a tough and stubborn ride, but with love and forgiveness anything is possible! 

Hugs, and sound of joy I send to you! 


Ordained minister and Reiki Master,

Lori Kathrine Golden Feather Wilcox-Demetropoulos 😘

Here is my contact information...


Spring Hill, Florida 34606 (Winter/Fall)

Snohomish/Port Townsend Washington (Spring/Summer)


Lori: (727)-364-8720


[email protected]


Call or Text to book an apointmenit for phone or video guidance call